CEO Spotlight: Using the Secret Recipe of the Consumer Journey to Build a Successful Marketing Campaign

May 09, 2022

When preparing for a new product launch or a seasonal campaign, all marketers put on their thinking hats and really focus on what’s best for the brand and the best way to attract consumers and increase market share. In other words, guarantee that the new product or new campaign is successful by getting consumers to buy the product. There’s a secret to this delicious salsa, I love it and have it with everything I can.  

The new world quickly developing after the infamous COVID-19, requires adjustments to this secret salsa. Adding digital as an integrated part of the marketing efforts is now a basic element of the big brands but what it really means to us in the real world, is that now the consumer sees the brand from different perspectives. The consumer can now see a brand on the same day in two or three different locations depending on the activities of the day. Say, on a regular Monday, our consumer, let’s call him Pedro, wakes up, gets ready for work, and while having breakfast checks his FB or Instagram feed, he sees a funny post about your product and starts thinking how great it would be to have it. Then by noon, he goes for lunch and sees a billboard or hears a commercial on the radio about your product, and by the time he goes back home for dinner he stops at the grocery store or at a convenience store for a pick me up. Well, this is the moment of truth, is he going to find your product? Is he thinking about your product? What is he going to buy?

In this very simplistic example, we can see how Pedro, one guy, has 3 touch points with your brand in one day, or throughout the week. But the important thing here is the coordinated effort to reach Pedro and to close the sale when he gets to the store either thinking about buying your product or another necessity. Every touchpoint with the brand adds like a grain of sand to the bucket in the consumer’s mind. The more integrated and cohesive the message is, the more successful the campaign. 

So, the recipe for this new salsa is all about finding the formula of Pedro’s daily life, his likes, needs, and desires, and from there we start building the campaign. We call this new salsa: Live, Play & Shop. Which is the flow of the consumer journey as an individual and how we interact with him. Interact means: “act in such a way as to have an effect on another; act reciprocally”

Acting reciprocally is a privilege consumers award brands that understand them and truthfully try to connect. This is the world I see developing before us and our new salsa is the seasoning, that we’re using to enjoy it!

This article was written by Ilyana Benson