Client Update

Tis’ the Season of Maseca

Jan 08, 2020

As we celebrated the holidays this year, Maseca continues to be a must on the Christmas shopping list among Latinos everywhere. From Salvadorean Pupusas to Mexican Tamales and everything in between, the brand has been trusted to deliver all delicacies with maiz. This year was no different at the Festival del Tamal in Phoenix where our team of highly trained brand ambassadors delivered a few Maseca favorites to the masses.

The Festival del Tamal hosted a variety of food booths including the Maseca booth, where attendees were able to see traditional corn tortillas being made right before their eyes before tasting them for the full culinary experience. Our Brand Ambassadors also sampled delicious homemade tamales just in time for the season so all could taste the rich flavor Maseca tamal masa provides. Along with the opportunity to sample some traditional holiday foods, our booth also hosted a variety of Maseca’s masa products including their original masa. Our friendly and knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors also answered all questions regarding the product to curious passerby’s and even touched on the recipes used to create some of the foods that were sampled that day, evoking holiday memories of years past with many consumers.

This article was written by Tatiana Rodriguez