Seize the American Dream With NeoSol’s Roadmap for Latin American Brands

Feb 20, 2024

Are you a Latin American CPG brand seeking to establish your presence in the U.S. market or reaching out to conquer the Hispanic communities in the U.S.? It is a challenge that goes beyond overcoming language barriers; it also involves understanding the complexities of culture and navigating unfamiliar marketing practices. But what if there was a guiding light, supported by a vast network of allies, ready to pave the way for your brand?

Fear not, because NeoSol is here to accompany you every step of the way. We offer strategic marketing advisory and implementation services to help your brand thrive in the U.S. With a proven track record of delivering effective marketing advice and executing plans for Latin American brands expanding into the U.S. market, we have the expertise to guide you. Whether it's engaging with the Hispanic market or targeting specific niches within the national market, our team can shed light on your path, ensuring a safe journey towards your desired destination.

So, how do we do it? Take a closer look:

  1. Bicultural Experience for Perfect Matchmaking: With our experience working with different generations and nation origins of Hispanics and the overall American consumer, we can identify the perfect match between your brand and its target market. By tailoring effective marketing strategies to each segment, we ensure better engagement and conversion rates.
  2. Language and Cultural Understanding: Language and cultural differences can be barriers to success when entering the U.S. market. Our transcultural translation expertise goes beyond converting Spanish to English; we reframe the benefits of your product into local cultural concepts that resonate with the U.S. audience. From in-person activations to content marketing and SEO strategies, we know what it takes to communicate your brand effectively.
  3. Our Network Working for You: We have built a strong network of partners across the country, including publishers, vendors, media outlets, and more. Leveraging these connections, we can get your CPG brand into the right stores, and secure collaborations, partnerships, and exposure to boost your visibility and credibility in the target market. Additionally, our broad network allows us to create integrated marketing campaigns that deliver impactful results.
  4. Cost Savings: Expanding internationally can be costly and time-consuming when done alone. By partnering with NeoSol, you gain access to our national coverage services at a fraction of the cost. We have established relationships with platforms, enabling us to negotiate better rates and optimize your ad spending to achieve desired results within budget constraints.
  5. Focus on What Matters: Managing international campaigns requires significant time and resources. By entrusting these tasks to our specialized agency, you can free up your internal team to focus on core activities, leading to increased productivity, better resource allocation, and the ability to pursue growth opportunities more effectively.

Working with a U.S.-based agency like NeoSol can accelerate your growth by leveraging our network and expertise. Together, we can achieve results that may seem impossible with limited resources. Don't miss out on the opportunities awaiting your Latin American brand in the U.S. market - let NeoSol be your guide to success!


Latinos make up 20% of the U.S. population and their GDP grows 2.6x more than non-Latinos. We know your CPG brand has a real opportunity in this market.

That is why we have created "Winning Over the Evolving Hispanic Market: A 2024 Strategy Guide for CPG Brands". It contains key features that NeoSol's market research team collected for our own brand activations.

⬇️Download the 2024 Strategy Guide for CPG Brands⬇️ and use winning strategies right from our playbook to transform your brand’s marketing approach. Gain brand awareness and ultimately increase your sales in the Hispanic market during 2024.