Client Update

On The Road Again . . . with Del Real!

Jan 08, 2020

Del Real can’t wait to get on the road again. For the second time this season, Del Real showcased their traditional, ready-to-eat Mexican cuisine at the infamous Costco Roadshow in the Pacific Northwest. Starting in Bend, OR, and making their way to Central Point, OR next, Del Real Foods is showing the Pacific Northwest what real authentic Mexican cuisine tastes like from their delicious Pork Tamales to their Al Pastor Meat and Barbacoa Meat.

This 4-day event is the perfect opportunity to not only sample products, but to create that human interaction that is so desperately needed in retail exchanges in the age of digitization. Of course, our highly trained Brand Ambassadors were there from pre-show to post-show, ensuring set-up went according to plan and the food was prepped to perfection.

Once the show began, they connected with consumers right in the store, educating them on which aisle to purchase the foods in as well as the tradition behind them. 

This article was written by Tatiana Rodriguez