CEO Spotlight: Nurturing Your Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Mar 15, 2022

I’d be lying if I said I have a green thumb, I’m lucky when something other than succulents grows and thrives, but I keep trying to have greenery in my life. I’d also be lying if I said I work every weekend on my plants or that I spend enough time taking care of my plants. My love for plants is strong but not enough to put in the sweat and time that is required, and so I live with what Fernando my gardener can do; and what Orange County’s weather, soil, and automatic sprinklers allow to thrive “naturally”.  

My gardening confession is the clear list of things of what not to do in marketing and of course gardening. Sounds crazy but, there are people that approach their marketing with the same effort I put in my plants and expect to see results like the ones in my neighbor’s garden.  

There’s no such thing as automated marketing and effortless nurturing of a brand or its consumers. Careful thought and planning are needed to grow a following and a business, and it all starts with understanding your consumer and creating the Persona profile to foster growth.  

Social Media provides easy access to consumers, access to two-way communication, and a firsthand understanding of behaviors and needs. You can learn from results and then adapt to them, or you can start by defining what you want to harvest and plant exactly what is needed and carefully nurture it. The difference is how much time, effort, and money are needed with each approach to obtain the necessary results to make it worth the effort. In other words, your ROI is significantly affected by this balancing act. Again, my approach to gardening is not applicable for sustained growth in marketing. Furthermore, my experience and love for marketing is significantly larger than my love for gardening but as the saying goes “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”. So, as I try to implement my marketing philosophy to gardening, I invite you to consider if you’re following my gardening techniques in your marketing plan or if you need to nurture your marketing strategy more to begin seeing results.

This article was written by Ilyana Benson