NeoSol Marketing: Unveiling our New Tagline & Focus

Jun 07, 2023

We started 2023 knowing that we wanted to make this a great year at NeoSol and expand our reach to be able to help more brands looking to engage with the Hispanic consumer. This year has been about learning what makes NeoSol Marketing different from all other marketing agencies and how we can best explain to potential brand partners how NeoSol can help them to connect their brand with the Hispanic consumer. We really examined NeoSol’s value proposition.

We wanted to continue to conduct business with the warmth and closeness that characterizes us as a Hispanic woman-owned company, while also taking NeoSol a step further and breaking stereotypes. Our goal was and continues to be to show our current and future clients that, in addition to our Hispanic culture, our experience and dedication give us unique strengths that lead to direct results for the brands we partner with.

Along with restructuring our internal team’s roles and taking steps to ensure that everyone is the right person in the right seat, streamlining our procedures to ensure a smooth process for our clients from beginning to end, we also decided to update our logo and our tagline to better align with and reflect our purpose, mission, and vision.


Our why - We believe that brands and their relationships with their customers (Hispanic or otherwise) are unique and must be custom-built to be successful.


We create connections that last - We will be the marketing agency that will create strong and lasting connections between CPG companies and their U.S. Hispanic clients to meet their current goals and cement their identity for the future.


We will offer tailor-made integrated and combined digital and experiential marketing campaigns that connect CPG companies with the US Hispanic target customers where they LIVE, SHOP, and PLAY.

In order to fully understand the meaning behind our new tagline, it’s also important to understand where our name came from and what it means. 

The Story of the New Sun… 

Our story began with a surplus of Colombian coffee to sell and a solution that was needed. With a background in marketing, CEO and Owner of NeoSol, Ilyana Benson, decided to begin holding in-store demonstrations in San Diego, CA to get the coffee product in front of the customers. This solution worked and many brands approached her after they saw this success and wanted to do the same for their brand. So, NeoSol began working with clients to place their brands where the consumer was and give the consumer an experience that built brand loyalty.

This experience of doing new things from a new-eyed perspective holds the essence of our brand. And our name reflects it. Literally, NeoSol means to us NewSun, NewLight. On a deeper level, NeoSol calls for the idea of new-to-life, of shedding light on something and seeing everything from a different perspective.

Our Focus