Measuring Marketing Data for Your Brand's Success

Dec 05, 2022

What results did you get from your last digital marketing strategy? The more accurate your answer is, the better your expectations of success will be when choosing your next steps. 

The level of relevance of the data you can collect to measure your results depends on the KPIs you focus on. Hence, they are the key to measurement. 

First, remember that each strategy should be guided by a specific objective, such as "increase visits to my website by 20% through an email marketing campaign".

That statement determines the KPIs that you will define and measure. In this case, it is relevant to know if your users opened the email (open rate) and how many of them clicked on the link that led them to visit your site (click to open). 

As you can see, it is not just about measuring for the sake of measuring, but about being strategic in selecting the relevant indicators. As Roy Bennet says, "What you stay focused on will grow".