Add a Digital Component to your In-Person Activations & Maximize Your Marketing Spend

Jan 23, 2024

In-person interactions have a powerful impact on brands, allowing them to establish meaningful and engaging connections with potential customers. Activations such as in-store sampling, guerrilla sampling, and event participation are effective in creating brand loyalty. However, tracking the effectiveness of these marketing tactics can be challenging. Although they are an obvious go-to for cost-effectively building brand awareness, measuring their impact can be problematic when trying to achieve a key performance indicator (KPI) goal of driving sales.

During an in-person interaction, a brand typically meets its potential consumers during the awareness stage of a buyer journey but may not have a way to follow through with their consumers as they continue to the consideration and decision stages of the buyer journey. This is where digital integration comes in. Adding a digital component provides proper tracking to measure the impact of in-person activations and allows a brand the opportunity to follow its consumer along the buyer journey. This is why we recommend a digital component for each one of our integrated campaigns!

Here are two examples of ways a brand can integrate a digital component along with their in-person activation to allow them to follow their consumer along their journey:

1.Trigger Contact Information Sharing. During an in-person interaction like in-store sampling or an event, provide an opportunity or reason for consumers to share their contact information so you have the chance to follow up through email marketing campaigns or texting campaigns. Entice consumers with opportunities to win a prize, enter a raffle, or engage in a fun activity. Once you have a consumer's contact information, the possibilities are endless. You can set up email or text alerts when there are sales or an event in their area, provide information on ways your product can be used that they may not have thought of before, and you can engage with them in a way that makes them feel a connection with your brand like inviting them to join your community on social media, etc.

2.Track, Engage, and Convert with Geo-Targeting. Implement an ad campaign that provides the technology to track consumer devices from a specific event, location, or area during a specific time so that consumers who interacted with your brand at an event will then be delivered ads on their devices when searching online or watching streaming media.

As an example, during December in Houston, TX, the NeoSol team set up multiple guerrilla activations for a Houston Holiday campaign for the SueroX brand. In conjunction with these activations, we were able to follow the potential consumers we came in contact with at these locations on not only their mobile phones but also on devices that connected to similar Wi-Fi in their homes, including home computers and televisions. These same consumers who interacted with SueroX brand ambassadors in "real life" were then served ads sharing a special promo code, and when streaming on devices, were shown commercials from the brand. The technology even allows us to track consumers who then enter into a "conversion zone" or specific retailers where the product is sold that we want to track!

During the one-month campaign, there were 1,542,347 impressions served to consumers following an in-person interaction, and we were able to monitor conversions of consumers who visited the SueroX website and consumers who received an ad and then physically walked into one of the retailers we were tracking.

If your brand is not yet seizing the opportunity to follow its potential consumers along their journey with all the digital opportunities that exist, it is a missed opportunity that reduces the chances of achieving a higher ROI on the brand's marketing budget and the efforts put forth during the awareness phase.

Are you wondering how you can better follow your consumers on their buyer journey by adding a digital component to the already existing in-person marketing tactics you are using? Reach out to us! We would love to hear more about your goals and help determine the best digital option for your brand!


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