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How Understanding the Hispanic Consumer and Making a Lasting Connection has Increased Customer Loyalty and Awareness for RIA Financial

Jan 11, 2022

When you think about transferring money internationally, RIA Financial may not be the first company that comes to mind. Many people may not be aware that RIA Financial is actually the third largest money transferring service in the entire world. Globally they consist of 435.000+ locations across 160+ countries, with its global headquarters located in California.

So how is it that a small, intercultural, woman-owned marketing business is able to provide a valuable service to such a large prominent company?

With remittances to Latin America from the United States being in the billions each year, RIA Financial has established itself as a familiar service with Spanish-speaking communities. Due to this, RIA sought out NeoSol’s expertise in two key areas:


  1. NeoSol’s vast knowledge of the Hispanic consumer and how to reach them provides RIA with an advantage to continue to tap into the Hispanic market. With over 15+ years of expertise, we know how to take the right approach by using culturally relevant messages to create an emotional connection with the Hispanic consumer. 
  2. Our ability to engage consumers where they live, shop, and play allows us to make a lasting connection with each consumer and lay the groundwork that is required in order for RIA to continue building on that connection and quickly gain a new loyal consumer. We pride ourselves on knowing what matters to consumers and where to effectively reach them.

Our ability to create handcrafted solutions has enabled us to continue our partnership with RIA for many years. We have worked together promoting their services in-store, at storefronts, and at various events across California with plans to expand to other states. At NeoSol we have been able to take RIA’s message and convert it into consumer loyalty with each new event and promotion that we partner on. 

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This article was written by Angelica De La Rocha