How Our New Data Dashboard Empowers Brands to Optimize Their Campaigns

May 14, 2023

When we set out to partner with SueroX again at the start of 2023, we were ready to do things a little differently. While our last two campaigns with this hydration beverage brand were a huge success in increasing brand awareness within the Hispanic market from 24% in 2020 to 56% in 2023, we wanted to provide an additional tool for their campaign. This is where our new Data Dashboard came into play. 

There are many reasons why brands would want to collect consumer data, with wanting to understand their consumers, probably taking the top spot. While collecting consumer data online is something that is expected and relatively simple to accomplish, this is not the case with collecting consumer and campaign data in the real world. Even when data is collected in the real world, many times brands are not quite sure what to do with the information or how to apply it to improve their campaign. 

We wanted to offer our clients, a new way to use data that is collected not only for online digital activations but for all types of in-person brand activations as well. Since the SueroX campaign would be an integrated campaign including guerilla marketing, In-store demos, parking lot activations, brand activations at sponsored events, and mobile billboards, we knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to show how collecting campaign data in the real world is not only possible but necessary.

With a few clicks our clients can find out how successful their activations are performing. Our data dashboard shows the totals for each activation and brands can even filter the information by type of activation, type of event, and by date. Brands can see if the activations for week one of the month perform better than the last week of the month, or if their consumers prefer in-store demos or parking lot activations. The possibilities are truly endless on how the data can be viewed and analyzed. 

The data dashboard allows brands to see all the consumer comments from the entire campaign and gives brands access to all the photos of the campaign. Equipped with the new data dashboard, brands can also make quick decisions on whether they want to take the campaign in a new direction or add more activations.