How NeoSol Used an Integrated Marketing Strategy to Increase Product Turnover by over 25% during a World Cup Campaign

Dec 21, 2022

The Goal

The SueroX Team was looking to boost sales and show distributors and store chains that their product can really sell and, in turn, deliver all partners the profits they are looking for. 

The goal was to increase product turnover by 10 - 20% at this store chain. This would provide an opportunity for this marketing strategy to be shared with other store chains as a way of showing the brand’s investment and partnership in helping to sell their product to other chains.

In addition, we wanted to:

  • Create memorable experiences around SueroX with soccer-related activities during World Cup.  
  • Introduce the product to a new community and 
  • Provide sampling and engagement opportunities.

We got to work putting together a comprehensive integrated campaign that will show immediate results!

The Results

The SueroX one-month World Cup campaign was targeted at a specific chain of stores in the Los Angeles market and definitely produced the results we were hoping for. The numbers speak for themselves! 

Not only did the sales exceed everyone’s expectations, but these numbers can be used to show other future store chains that consumers are looking for SueroX and that it can sell!


Consumers were given an opportunity to enter their e-mail for a grand prize raffle drawing. These e-mails are then able to be used for future re-targeting of these consumers for upcoming promotions targeting the consumer where they LIVE.


Our outgoing brand ambassadors engaged the consumers with fun world cup themed prizes and interactive games. The team offered consumers an opportunity to spin a digital spinning wheel on their phones using a QR code which determined their prize and the consumers had a chance to PLAY and create a very memorable experience with the brand.


Our in-store demonstrators educated consumers about the flavors and the product by tasting samples of each of the six delicious flavors boosting awareness of the product and moving bottles off the shelves in the store where these consumers SHOP.

“Wow! The product is selling so fast!!” - Store Manager

The employees at each of the stores couldn’t believe how much product was selling and word definitely got back to the chain headquarters that this brand is willing to invest and partner to help sell the product at the store level!