Getting Back Out On The Field

Jun 17, 2021

It is said that baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Spending a day at the baseball field with family and friends is a place where memories are made. With Father’s Day approaching, we know that many fathers enjoy passing on the experience of attending a baseball game with their children because they have fond memories from when they attended as a child. 

During the 2020 season and into 2021, the Major League Baseball (MLB) organization had to work hard to continue to build audience loyalty without the added touch point and experience of being able to attend a game. It is a very different experience for a fan to watch a game on television than to attend in person where they can hear the crack of the baseball bat, smell the hotdogs and nachos, and feel the energy from other fans.

Major League Baseball is a good example of a brand that had to rethink how to continue to captivate fans when they are not able to have fans experience an in-person game. As a baseball fan, being able to attend a game in person invigorates your enthusiasm for the team (brand) and fuels the flames of excitement for the team. The experience goes beyond the event itself and engages secondary audiences each time a fan shares a picture of themselves having fun at the game on their social media pages, for example. Brands, including Major League Baseball, rely on fans to share their experience at a game with their friends and community and know that in order to accomplish this they need to provide their audience with a unique experience that they feel compelled to share. Hence, bobbleheads, fireworks, and new food items at games… are all great shareable moments from a game!

Where our company is based, in California, most mandates from the pandemic will be lifted this week, opening up many more opportunities for these types of in-person experiences and events. We are excited to be able to add back in the experiential marketing piece for the brands and businesses that we work with to create fully omnichannel brand activations. Having a unique in-person interaction with a brand builds a long-lasting relationship and experience that you just cannot fully obtain through digital interactions. Each brand is most successful in promoting its product or service when it can reach its audience at all of the different touchpoints, including both digital and in-person.

We hope that this Father’s Day, fathers and their children will be able to come together, whether that be at a baseball game or a backyard BBQ, and create memorable experiences together. At NeoSol, we look forward to working with our clients on placing their products and services back on the field where their audiences live, shop, and play!

This article was written by Kimberly Howard