Client Update

Engaging Consumers in Central California with Bar-S Foods!

Jul 07, 2023

Last month, we started a new campaign with Bar-S Foods, a Sigma Foods company. The campaign centered around having 23 demos in Fresno grocery stores in which various products such as FUD Cheese, La Chona Cheese, and FUD Hotlinks were sampled. These demos, however, were not typical demos.

Usually, our demonstrations set up a table featuring the brand's promotional materials and signage but what set these demos apart was that in some locations, our demonstrators sampled the product right from the deli station of the grocery stores. This not only allowed the client to see all the available products but also make their selection right then and there. As the consumer voiced their desire to place an order, our demonstrator was able to partner with the deli manager in getting the order fulfilled. As the consumer awaited their order, this provided our brand ambassadors additional moments to obtain feedback. 

One of the key steps we take when setting up any campaign for a new (or existing client) is to understand what their goals are and what type of consumer feedback they are looking to receive from each demo. For this specific client, we were able to create a custom report that included the three main questions that they wanted our demonstrators to ask each consumer. This insight is invaluable as it will determine the brand’s future decision when it comes to its marketing strategies.

So far, we are halfway through completing this campaign and it has been a complete success!