Creating Your Own Campaign with Integrated Strategies

Dec 04, 2019

It is said that every snowflake formed during the winter has its own unique pattern of crystallization. Being that we are a marketing agency located in California, we’ll admit: we don’t know much about snowflakes. However, we do know something about the beauty of diversity in marketing campaigns.

Similar to snowflakes, each of our client’s brands calls for a unique set of services based on their campaign goals and values. Otherwise known as integrated marketing, each campaign is formed by various components such as sales promotions, social media posts, focus groups, surveys, experiential events, and more in order to convey a consistent message to our client’s consumers. While most of these components are used simultaneously, there is a method to the madness:  

1. Start with a Goal

Before embarking on any marketing campaign, a goal must be determined. This is usually one of our first conversations with our clients to get a better sense of what they want their brand to achieve and how we can help make that happen. Goals can be anything from wanting to break into a new market to wanting to expand market share to wanting to increase sales. The sooner the goal is identified, the sooner research can take place.

2. Conduct Market Research

Market Research is the next step. It’s conducted in a variety of ways from procuring a focus group of respondents that fit the description of the ideal target market to sending out surveys to said target market. The idea is to get an honest understanding of the consumers' interest in a brand, product, or company. Some of the world’s leading brands including Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter used market research to further develop their services and products. However, this was not done without the proper strategies in place.  

3. Develop Strategies

Once familiar with the target market, developing the right strategies will come second nature. Strategies include all, if not some, of the following: in-store demonstrations, participating in experiential events, producing merchandise, developing social media content, and more. Here at NeoSol, the integration of those strategies is what we specialize in and introduce to clients as our Mix-and-Match Services. The idea is to utilize the insight we received from the market research to better form a relationship with our consumers.

4. Implement

One of the more self-evident steps is the implementation of developed strategies. Once the plan is determined, teams of demonstrators, event coordinators, and brand ambassadors are constructed to carry out the strategies discussed in the steps above. Those recruited provide a human face to the brand and a more efficient means of direct communication to all consumers.

5. Last but Not Least: Evaluate and Report!

The final and most important step is to analyze the results of the implementation. Although less obvious, this step allows companies to understand what worked and what needs improvement in the future. Developing processes of reporting and analytics is crucial to understanding where the market is in a constantly changing marketplace. 

Here at NeoSol, we utilize these steps to handcraft campaigns that will catapult your brand to the next level and increase sales. With the mixture of these elements, we can help you create a snowstorm of your own.

This article was written by Tatiana Rodriguez