CEO Spotlight: The Marketing Evolution

Oct 23, 2020

Change and evolution are part of life and they’re not the same. Change is simply becoming or making something different. Evolution is the gradual process of accumulating change. Therefore, the latter is more advanced or complex. 

What the industry is requiring is evolution in our marketing techniques. I even venture in saying that some consumers have become immune or are completely desensitized to some media channels or messages. Understanding their consumer is the most basic thing a brand can do, but adapting alongside their consumers is what keeps brands relevant –alive-.  

How we learn to adapt and live in the new environment is the true meaning of “survival of the fittest.” Studying the Millennial and Centennial generations and offering “adapted’ products with the same old tactics is not going to be effective in the long run. Millennials and Centennials are requiring true evolution in how we market true and authentic products to them.

As an agency, we cannot sit on the sidelines and watch eating popcorn. Although I’d love to sit and watch eating popcorn, doing so would have me waiting for a slow and boring death in this industry. We continually evolve our services and processes to support our client’s growth and help them understand these changes. In addition, we are placed in an ideal position in the sense that we have the inside scoop that allows us to see how the industry and market are evolving so that we all win and continue to thrive as Millennials and Centennials pave the way to the future.

This article was written by Ilyana Benson