Client Update

Atun, You Tun, we all Tun for TUNY

Oct 15, 2019

NeoSol Marketing is proud to welcome the tuna brand, Tuny! Unlike other canned tuna products, Tuny also offers products based on olive oil versus water, giving it a richer, fresher taste once you pop the can open. Although widely known in most Latin American countries, Tuny was ready to conquer the next largest country in the Americas: the U.S.A. We have assisted in their product sampling efforts at events throughout Southern California like the Festival Colimense!

Considering the festival was celebrating the coastal Mexican state of Colima, it was only fitting that Tuny be part of the festivities. Thus, we prepared our Brand Ambassador with all of the promotional equipment including branded water bottles, pens, and of course the product itself. As the event continued through the day, prospective consumers, both Latin and American, visited the booth to taste the freshness that is Tuny. Specializing in bridging the gap between Latin American food brands and the American market is our specialty, and we are so honored to welcome Tuny aboard.

This article was written by Tatiana Rodriguez