Apply the Same Power of an NFL team brand to your 2023 Marketing Plan

Jan 09, 2023

Have you seen the bleachers of any of the NFL games? Blocks of fans wearing the colors of the teams calling out simultaneously the chants to encourage their team to run more yards, to catch that pass, and finally to score a touchdown. The energy is empowering and the impact is undeniable!

We propose you do the same with your Marketing Plan for 2023.

Yes! Let’s create an INTEGRATED version that, as the fans of their favorite NFL team, aligns your colors, your voice, and your efforts to reinforce the final goal: that your customer has the same experience in every opportunity to connect in person or online with your brand. 

What would it take for us to take your brand to the Super Bowl? 

  1. Setting the goal, such as launching a new product or reaching a new audience. It is ideal that this goal is measurable and time-bound throughout the year.
  2. Defining KPIs, like engagement, conversions, or sales. Creating these indicators will allow the benchmarking of results.
  3. Learning where your ideal customer lives, plays and shops to select the right channels. Our NeoSol approach brings together the power of digital media with direct contact in POP strategies. 
  4. Developing a creative content plan that, just like the fans roaring during the game, reflects the synchronization of every action showing brand identity and alignment with an engaging narrative.


Defining your marketing strategies within the Integrated Plan for 2023 will look like the most organized fanbase ever. Each game will have its own set of plays to take your brand to its specific goal and the sum of every one of these actions will lead you to achieve more than just the goals and KPI’s set forth because along with completing the objective, you will gain:

  • A reduction of costs derived from the optimization of content creation and its use across different channels.
  • Greater consistency of your brand’s narrative to consolidate your brand positioning.
  • Better customer experience thanks to increasing their familiarity with your brand and a deeper understanding of how you can help them.
  • More consumer data to refine your channel selection, combination, and synchronization.

Are you ready to cheer for your brand success in 2023 with an Integrated Marketing Plan? We are ready to wear your colors and handcraft your plan for you.