5 Questions to Answer When Planning a Successful Brand Activation

Aug 16, 2022

There are many logistics that go into having a successful interaction with consumers for live activations. It is not as simple as putting a booth together and hoping for the best. When the correct preparation and thought (strategy) are put into it a brand activation, you can ensure that you will meet your goals and sometimes even exceed them.

You must first ask yourself these five questions that will help you in determining what actions specifically to focus on to reach your goals.

What is my main goal and what specific action will help me achieve it?

As with many other marketing efforts, one of the most important (and typically first steps) is determining what you are trying to achieve. For many brands, the goal can be as simple as trying to reach new consumers, but we have found that the more specific the objective is, the easier it is to determine your action plan. Here are some examples of other goals you can achieve with a brand activation:

  • Introduce a new product or flavor to consumers
  • Educate consumers on how to use the product 
  • Create social media exposure
  • Create excitement for your brand
  • Increase sales of your product

If your goal is to create excitement for your product, then having a giveaway or fun game at your brand activation could be a solution. If your goal is to create social media exposure, you can have brand ambassadors share a special hashtag or give out samples to consumers that tag you on social media.

What brand image do I want to convey?

Focusing on the whole picture and providing consumers with a cohesive look is important. As consumers are walking by your brand activation, they quickly see how you are set up, who your team is and how your product is displayed. This moment is when they either decide to continue walking or come closer and learn more. One way to reach a cohesive look is to have promotional signs and materials, branded uniforms, and Brand Ambassadors that are welcoming and approachable.

What tools and training will I provide for my Brand Ambassadors?

It’s crucial to hire the right people to represent your brand. Brand Ambassadors will need to properly prepare and/or serve your product, communicate your message to consumers and provide a fun, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience. But before you can send your team out to represent your brand, they will need to be equipt with specific instructions, product knowledge, and talking points so they can represent your brand accurately.

How will my brand stand out to consumers?

During a brand activation event, consumers can run into a pop-up booth, a Brand Ambassador handing out samples, or even a mascot of a brand they may already be familiar with. It’s effective to integrate the brand’s product with the consumer’s experience in order to leave the consumer with a lasting impression and a positive memory of the brand. The consumer is more likely to remember how you made them feel vs what you said or what sample they received. In fact, 74% of consumers stated that participation in experiential marketing (such as brand activations) improved their perception of the brand and 70% of consumers said they would likely become regular customers. By making your consumers feel special, and included and providing them with an unforgettable experience, you guarantee that your brand stands out in their minds.

How will I measure my results?

Determine what would indicate a successful brand activation for your company. Whether you count how many samples were given, track QR code interactions (gathering consumer data at in person activations allows opportunities to nurture the consumer relationship with other digital interactions), collect consumer feedback, or take photos of consumers posing with your products, your results will depend on what your initial goal was. If your goal was to create excitement on social media by using a special hashtag, then reviewing how much the hashtag was used would give you your results. 

Putting the necessary thought and planning into creating a strong strategy to engage consumers, will pave the way for you to meet your goals while having successful brand activation.

This article was written by Angelica De La Rocha