4 Ways to Share Value & Benefits of your CPG Product

Sep 11, 2023

A product value proposition summarizes why a customer would choose your product over any other. It reveals the value customers will enjoy when they use your product.

Have you and your team asked the following questions about your product?

  • What unmet need does your product fill?
  • What is the benefit of choosing your product over others?
  • What problem does your product help solve?
  • What emotions does your product evoke when consumers think about it?

If you can have a clear understanding and answers to the above questions, this will drive the focus of your marketing messaging and activations. You will have the tools to share how your product benefits your target consumers - your product value position!

In other words, don’t just promote your product but share and show consumers how it benefits them and will solve their problems.

Focus on the benefits,

not the features of your product!!

Value positioning should also vary based on which audience segment you're targeting.

Use your buyer personas to determine what each target consumer of your brand is looking for or needing from your product and design your messaging and activations around these.

(If you do not have defined buyer personas for your product, start there!

Here is an excellent resource for you with a free download for a Hispanic Buyer Persona form.)

In marketing, there are many ways to go about sharing the benefits of your product, and the more personal and engaging you can make it, the better!

Here are four ways our team shares the benefits (not just the features) of the brands we partner with that you can apply or use as inspiration for your products:

#1 For social media, use graphics and messaging that show the benefits of the product or ideas of use, instead of the features of your product.

The example below from Superior Cerveza instills the idea to a consumer to have a

Superior Cerveza to celebrate National Taco Day.

#2. During in-person marketing activations, hold a tasting demonstration of your product in a recipe or being used in a way your consumer may not have thought of already!

In the example below, how could consumers say no to purchasing Juana’s cornmeal used to make warm delicious arepas?? In the demonstration depicted below, consumers purchased 40 bags of this product in 5 hours!

# 3 Provide samples of a product at a prime

point of consumption opportunity

Here is an example of experiential marketing by sampling delicious and refreshing Goya coconut water at a Hatch Chili Festival event! What better time to try coconut water to rehydrate than after eating chilies in the heat?

#4. Share benefits of your product with messaging that shares how your product can help solve their problem with Out Of Home advertising

In the below example, SueroX evokes emotion and demonstrates one of the many benefits of their product - to stay hydrated in the heat!! Better yet, it is customized to the market so the consumer feels like the brand is speaking directly to them!

If you are able to show the right consumers how your product will benefit them in their daily lives, you will have a consumer for life!